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Street food: Thailand

Have you ever had a boring job? I have held several, really boring jobs including some that were actually pretty good like making sandwiches and working the deli at Whole Foods Market in my hometown of Austin, Texas. Incidentally Austin … Continue reading

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Brass Monkey

The Caribbean island of St. Kitts has a population of vervet monkeys that were imported from Africa during the time of the Atlantic slave trade. Much like raccoons (only much smarter) these creatures live off the detritus that humans leave … Continue reading

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This is your brain in a dark box

On the subject of entoptic phenomena and altered states of consciousness, I thought I might share with you an interesting experience I had. There’s a business in Chesapeake that provides sensory deprivation tanks where, basically, you float in a warm … Continue reading

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Art and Childcare in Prehistory

The webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a favorite among professional academics (well, at least the ones with a sense of humor) because from time to time science and other intellectual topics pop up. Frankly I find it funnier than … Continue reading

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