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Dating techniques


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Language and thought

Much like our method of studying culture, the study of language in anthropology is broad and inclusive of multiple perspectives. The assigned readings cover the definition of language (not an easy task), its evolution as a biological and cultural phenomenon, … Continue reading

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Better off dead

Imagine that you are dead and your loved ones are preparing to bury you in the ground. What do you think those surviving you will put in your grave with you? How will they express who you are and their … Continue reading

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Race and human variation questions

If you missed class on Feb 09, now is your chance to get credit. Post your questions about evolution and race here.

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Prof. Thompson holds it down in NOLA

The week before Thanksgiving I traveled to New Orleans for the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. At an academic conference Ph.D’s and grad students meet to share their research and exchange ideas. The most common way to do … Continue reading

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Exam 2 extra credit

Your Grave In class and in the required readings we have discussed how both Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthals practiced the intentional burial of the dead. Much of what anthropology has learned about their ancient culture comes from items found … Continue reading

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Hominin Evolution lecture

The following videos make up for the lecture missed when class was canceled for Tropical Storm Nicole. You may want to see the video up close as I refer to specific details in the images. To make the video full … Continue reading

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