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Earn extra credit at ODU’s Waste Audit

ODU’s Recycling Center sez: Old Dominion University Students will don protective gloves and white hazmat suits to sort through every scrap of trash from the dumpsters at the Powhatan I and II residential buildings for the Recycling Department’s official waste … Continue reading

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Descent with Modification

Evolution is the change in the frequency of genes within a population from one generation to the next. Natural selection explains how that change happens. A brief explanation of natural selection: Within any population there is some inherent variation. One … Continue reading

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Good boy, Pete!

Here’s a hardworking male spider monkey carrying a baby and doing dishes. Hey, Pete, you can come watch my kids and do chores at my house anytime. The story behind this video can be found here. The video maker notes: … Continue reading

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How to Read a Book

Success in anthropology means lots of reading. Perhaps none of you will become professional anthropologists, but everyone can learn more about how to be a good reader. Here are some tips from Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren, authors … Continue reading

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