The Mysterious Gift

Exchange is strange. What does it mean?

Here are two videos which look at the complexity of the gift from different angles. In the first Sheldon Cooper thinks he’s cracked the code on how to properly exchange gifts, but then is surprised to find that something of no monetary value could be of such great value to him.

The second video is from a British game show called Golden Balls. In the final round of the show, the two remaining contestants are put through a version of the Prisoners’ Dilemma, a well studied problem in game theory. The contestant on the right has done his homework!


About Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson is a project cataloger at The Mariners' Museum library. He has a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and was formerly a professor at ODU. You can find him on Twitter @m4ttTh0mps0n.
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